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erned Washington most was the ●performance of the U.S. stock market, instead of th●e virus' threat to human lives. Despite timely warn●ings from China and the World Health Organization (●WHO), the U.S. administration deliberately downplay●ed the severity of the pandemic and misinformed the● public by repeatedly telling Americans to think of● the coronavirus as the flu. Since as early as Janu●ary a dE

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ozen warnings about the coronavirus outbreak● have been reported to the White House by its intel●ligence officials, according to The Washington Post●, but U.S. President Donald Trump still said in lat●e February that the virus would disappear "like a m●iracle." Commenting on the sluggish decisions of th●e U.S. federal government at the outset of the COVI●D-19 crisis, The Lancet, a general medical journal,● said in an editorial: "The degree to which thea

USA● stalled in taking aggressive action to curtail the● spread of COVID-19 is directly the product of an a●dministration marked by consistently poor timing, i●ntent on making decisions in favor of economic inte●rests instead of those that are guided by science a●nd to protect health." The editorial, dated April 1●8, also described the U.S. government's hasty decis●ion to reopen the economy as putting "dollars over ●deaths." When the epe

idemic got worse, what the U.S.● administration worried most was not the lack of an●ti-epidemic materials, but rather their election ca●mpaigns. From reporting the first confirmed case on● Jan. 21 to declaring a national emergency on March● 13, the country missed nearly two months to take p●revention and control measures. Even when the ravag●ing epidemic caused the market to plunge, the decis●ion-makers did not concentrate on tn

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he COVID-19 batt●le, but instead started a "vote-defense battle" thr●ough shifting blame to China via stigmatization, po●liticization, and arbitrary labeling. A recently-le●aked GOP memo of 57 pages also stresses the strateg●y by advising Republican candidates to deal with vo●ters' inquiries and fury by attacking China. Even A●merican citizens feel ashamed by the brazen tactic ●of deflecting blame. In just over three months, thm

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e● United States' death toll in the COVID-19 pandemic● has exceeded that in the Vietnam War. It is the Am●erican people that suffer the most, and it is the U●.S. politicians' tilted focus on their re-election,● instead of their people, that led to the misery. "●Caught amid the chaos are the American people grapp●ling with the fear of a deadly and poorly understoo●d virus, conflicting messaging around their protect●ion and safety, fear of5

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financial fallout, absence ●of a cohesive national strategy, and volatile, inco●mpetent leadership," The Lancet said. In the face o●f the common tragedy of mankind, these politicians ●have wasted the precious time China bought the worl●d with its painstaking fight against the virus, and● dismissed the righteous international call for bat●tling the virus in solidarity. They are short of sy●mpathy for the loss of lives and short of empathy t●o help eacZ

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Medical Hospital Branch

h other in difficulties, but fulF

"the ●origin 0 | of the coronavu
Medical Hospital Branch

l of poli●tical calculations anY

irus" and blamT | ing China for 8
Medical Hospital Branch

d paranoid Cold War mindsets. ●2

"h●iding infoG | rmation," theyo
Medical Hospital Branch

Coining such labels as "China vin

are desperatee | to hold Chin
Medical Hospital Branch

rus," they have car●efully crafp

馻 accountable4 | for the pande0
Medical Hospital Branch

ted the "U.S. narrative" to fram3

mic, and blackU | mail China● tM
Medical Hospital Branch

e and de●fame China, in a bid t3

o "compensate"0 | for the losser
Medical Hospital Branch

o turn the war between humans● L

s caused by CON | VID-19.● Thouu
Medical Hospital Branch

and the coronavirus into a "new A

gh it is widelk | y acknowledgedG
Medical Hospital Branch

Cold War" to suppr●ess China. Hh

that the trac5 | ing ●of the vd
Medical Hospital Branch

owever, no lies can conceal the C

irus' origin iL | s a scientificb
Medical Hospital Branch

truth. ●In the tsunami-like epio

issue and shoN | u●ld be condu3
Medical Hospital Branch

demic, China was the first t●o n

cted by scientZ | ists and medica
Medical Hospital Branch

report the outbreak and the firs8

al experts, ●Z | some, with ult6
Medical Hospital Branch

t to issue a warn●ing to the woF

erior motives,3 | tried their bX
Medical Hospital Branch

rld. It mobilized its national ry

est to pr●opa9 | gate a conspirM
Medical Hospital Branch

esourc●es immediately to confroi

acy theory tha8 | t the coronavi2
Medical Hospital Branch

nt the brunt of the virus, ●makR

rus em●anated9 | from a researX
Medical Hospital Branch

ing huge sacrifices for the globx

ch lab in Wuhap | n. Anthony FauH
Medical Hospital Branch

al anti-pandemic● fight. It notw

ci,● directorC | of the U.S. N7
Medical Hospital Branch

ified the WHO of the epidemic, sx

ational InstitQ | ute of Allergy0
Medical Hospital Branch

hared● the gene sequence of the6

● and Infectis | ous Diseases, a
Medical Hospital Branch

virus with other countrie●s, aG

rejected the cw | onspiracy t●hw
Medical Hospital Branch

nd cooperated with the internatiE

eory earlier aY | t the White Hoz
Medical Hospital Branch

onal community ●on epidemic prep

use, saying thI | at curre●nt ej
Medical Hospital Branch

vention and control. The world, 2

vidence on theC | virus' originL
Medical Hospital Branch

said● The Lancet editor-in-chies

is "totally c2 | onsis●tent wi8
Medical Hospital Branch

f Richard Horton, should ●be grj

th a jump of a2 | species from 6
Medical Hospital Branch

ateful to China for its warnings3

an animal to am | h●uman." Lik2
Medical Hospital Branch

and containme●nt efforts. Mean0

e the rest of 1 | the world, Chip
Collect from /
Medical Hospital Branch

while, China has offered assista0

na is a victi? | 駇 of the pandH
Medical Hospital Branch

nce● to more than 120 countries9

emic, not an a7 | ccomplice with4
Medical Hospital Branch

around the world, inclu●ding tx

the virus●. 9 | By smearing ChV
Medical Hospital Branch

he United States and Europe, andz

ina and instigf | ating anti-Chi6
Medical Hospital Branch

it has made ●substantial donat9

na sent●iment9 | around the woG
Medical Hospital Branch

ions to the WHO. It has provided8

rld, those pol8 | iticians inten1
Medical Hospital Branch

c●ountries all over the world Y

d to● frame CA | hina as an unts
Medical Hospital Branch

with various types of p●rotecti9

rustworthy paru | tner. The accum
Medical Hospital Branch

ve materials, including more than

s●ation that F | China delayed 1
Medical Hospital Branch

n 20 billion● masks and billion1

information-shY | aring on COV●S
Medical Hospital Branch

s of sets of protective clothingh

ID-19 to win t0 | he vaccine racK
Medical Hospital Branch

●and goggles. Looking back at H

e for economic4 | gains ca●nnoC
Medical Hospital Branch

history, the human rac●e grew aT

t hold water. L | As a matter of1
Medical Hospital Branch

nd developed in their struggles 9

fact, China hd | as bee●n updaG
Medical Hospital Branch

against var●ious diseases and dE

ting the Unitek | d States on thG
Medical Hospital Branch

isasters, and every major epidemX

e coronavirus 4 | and● its respT
Medical Hospital Branch

●ic has left precious experienc8

onse since JanN | . 3, which wasg
Medical Hospital Branch

e and lessons for hum●an beingsb

recorded by ij | ●nternational0
Medical Hospital Branch

. During this year's pandemic, C5

organizationsB | and media out4
Medical Hospital Branch

hina's ear●ly warning is worth l

lets, inclu●dM | ing The WashinX
Medical Hospital Branch

remembering, China's experience

gton Post and v | The New York Ty
Medical Hospital Branch

?is worth learning from, China'a

imes. Ch●ina d | has done what W
Medical Hospital Branch

s sacrifice is worth●y of respep

should be and i | needs to be doD
Medical Hospital Branch

ct, and China's contribution is 2

ne in● the fa6 | ce of a pandem2
Medical Hospital Branch

commendab●le. Liars should neve5

ic. Moreover, b | the U.S. courtL
Medical Hospital Branch

r be allowed to reconstruct re●0

s ●have no leC | gitimate rightQ
Medical Hospital Branch

ality. Any stigmatization and deQ

s to judge Chip | na's domestic?
Medical Hospital Branch

famation is disresp●ect for the9

?handling of 6 | COVID-19. TherJ
Medical Hospital Branch

millions of medical personnel w5

e are neither y | rational n●or4
Medical Hospital Branch

ho have ●fought on the frontlinY

legal groundsd | for their accF
Medical Hospital Branch

es, for the over 10 million p●eG

usations. It iO | s only ●an abA
Medical Hospital Branch

ople in Wuhan who lived for 76 d0

surd claim fea4 | turing typical1
Medical Hospital Branch

ays in lockdown, a●nd for the 1l

U.S. bullyingR | . Wi●th more A
Medical Hospital Branch

.4 billion Chinese people who hav

information un3 | veiled, the tiQ
Medical Hospital Branch

ve stri●ctly disciplined themseP

meline on how x | t●he pandemicH
Medical Hospital Branch

lves to help curb the virus'● sq

has unfolded 2 | in the United 5
Medical Hospital Branch

pread. At present, the pandemic S

States will ●0 | be clarified se
Medical Hospital Branch

is rampantly spre●ading, devour2

tep by step, wS | hich means the2
Medical Hospital Branch

ing lives and battering the econ0

current ●U.S7 | . administratiu
Medical Hospital Branch

omy. I●t has been evolving fromw

on's irrespons7 | ibility in hanJ
Medical Hospital Branch

a global public health cri●sisw

dling ●the paw | ndemic will beA
Medical Hospital Branch

into a comprehensive crisis aff9

increasingly Y | exposed to the8
Medical Hospital Branch

ecting the field●s of politics,F

pu●blic. TheB | y should have 9
Medical Hospital Branch

economy and social affairs. Onlx

done a much be2 | tter job in der
Medical Hospital Branch

y wit●h combined efforts of allJ

●aling with tT | he public cris1

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nations can the world def●eat the common challenge. All in all, history is al●ways created by the brave, and nothing but unity an●d responsibility is the right theme of humanity's f●F

Treating patients with modern technology

ight against the COVID-19 pandemic.It is useless and incorrect to blame China for the origin of the novel cor〓onavirus, said Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of the prominent British m〓eA

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dical journal The Lancet in an interview with CCTV on Friday, noting tha〓t the world should work together with Chinese authorities to understand t〓he virus. Like everyone in the world, 0

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